Normal Aging: Myths and Realities

Single session orientations to normal aging are often helpful for older adults concerned with their personal aging journey. Participants are provided the current standard Maturity-Specific-Challenge Model of Aging developed by Knight (l983), and evaluate their personal maturing process and the specific developmental challenges that they can anticipate as a member of a cohort that is growing old together. Proactively engaging a range of normal physiological, cognitive, psychological and social challenges and strengths that come with getting older provides an opportunity for growth.

Normal Aging: Myths and Realities
The 3 D’s: Dementia, Depression, and Delirium

Caregiving: Practical Tools for Coping

Caregiving Conflicts: Spouses and Families

Successful Aging and Optimal Longevity

Memory Care: Is it Alzheimer’s or Getting Older


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