Successful Aging and Optimal Longevity

Elders and proactive adults concerned with optimizing their age of wisdom, often seek my coaching services to fine tune their plan for successful aging. Healthy aging and longevity factors that are discussed across a variety of longitudinal, laboratory, and epidemiological studies are reviewed and applied to a personal longevity . Besides discussing the well known factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, chronic health conditions, we will review a variety of less known factors that are not commonly discussed in the popular media. Such sessions conclude with a personal written "prescription for extending your life expectancy."

Normal Aging: Myths and Realities
The 3 D’s: Dementia, Depression, and Delirium

Caregiving: Practical Tools for Coping

Caregiving Conflicts: Spouses and Families

Successful Aging and Optimal Longevity

Memory Care: Is it Alzheimer’s or Getting Older


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