Functional Capacity Consultations
Legal, financial, health and eldercare professionals often require functional capacity assessments when considering an elder’s capacity to make informed living, health, and financial decisions. Over the past decade, I have provided such consultations, depositions, and expert testimony for civil and criminal proceedings, in many Northern California counties. 

     Mental Capacity Assessments 
     Undue Influence Assessments                                                                                                   
     Elder Abuse Assessments - Self Neglect and Hoarding

Case Consultations
Eldercare service providers working for law enforcement, social service, legal, and healthcare agencies, can benefit greatly from time limited, group case consultations. The case consultation model can provide eldercare workers with cost effective, practical solutions to a variety of case challenges that typically arise in work with vulnerable elders.

     Comprehensive Geriatric Field Assessments
     Functional Capacity, Depression, Dementia, and Delirium       
     Legal, Medical, and Psychosocial Interventions

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